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Seeking Wellness Through Art

We live in a busy, stressful, ever-changing world. Art, in its many forms, can be a great outlet for managing one's mental health. The expressions of creativity are endless, but sometimes you need help to find your muse.

That's where I come in...

Learning to manage one's mental health in our busy lives and super-connected world is a challenge, but there are a number of tools that the creativity and artistic expression can offer as a means to face life's challenges.

I've found purpose and direction in sharing my favourite tools - helping others create and manage health and wellness through art. Let me share my favourite tools with you and together we'll fill a toolbox that suits your life and your needs.


To inspire and encourage others, in their wellness journey, through acts of creative expression.

What I offer:

Creative Content

Art and inspiration to enjoy and to share! From positive messages to share, creative exercises to inspire, and articles encourage growth and learning, you will find all sorts of content to keep you busy.

Learning Opportunities

I offer a variety of creative workshops and classes for groups and individuals. Whether you're looking to explore the many benefits that art can offer, or you have specific tools you'd like to practice, I can help you find a way to explore and experience art in a way that suits you and your needs.

1-on-1 Coaching

Let's make a plan together to help you define your goals. Through this service I provide regular support, encouragement, and inspiration to help you reach those goals.


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