Hi, I'm Kona!

I am the artist and creative curator responsible for concocting the cat-centric arts business known as Router Cat Media

The Art

My work as an art producer is highly interdisciplinary. I work in a wide range of artistic mediums and, as is common with commercial artists, create art combining mediums and using improvised materials. My medium combination of choice includes acrylic and/or watercolour paint, coloured pencil, and ink.

Aside from photographs, realism is absent from the style of my artworks.  Most of my original designs feature aberrant line work, geometric patterns, and bold colours. The major exception to the latter being my collection of colouring page designs and illustrations.

Nature and animals are my biggest source of inspiration, with pop-culture and gaming also being a big influence. Self-described as a 'crazy cat lady', I am not shy to admit that cats are both my favourite and most regular subject. You could say they're my favourite 'mews'.

The Business

As the 'Router' in the name might suggest, Router Cat Media began online, but recently gained a physical presence when I moved my small business into a studio space at Art Up Studios, in Penticton's downtown core.

Despite being physically based in the Okanagan Valley, I make my services available where I am needed, often traveling for contract work and special events throughout British Columbia. The events in which I participate vary greatly in scope, from pop-culture and anime conventions, to health & wellness events, and even food-focused events.

Router Cat Media is a Member of the Penticton Chamber of Commerce


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