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POP-ART, short for Popular Art, is an artistic style and movement best characterized by bold colours, sharp-edged designs, and incorporation of mass media messages and imagery including comic book characters, celebrities, and even a few big food brands!

Andy Warhol is one of the most well-known of American Pop-artists. In addition to his icon printmaking, he dabbled in a wide range of artistic mediums. Warhol's large collection of work features big names like Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup. His works (and love of cats) helped inspire this Isolation Art Camp theme and project.



What Will You Need:

  • Computer with GIMP* with mouse or tablet with stylus (NO EXPERIENCE WITH GIMP REQUIRED!)
  • 1 digital photograph, featuring your choice of 'popular culture' subject (Photos should be no less than 400x400 pixels and saved as .jpg or .png)


  * This project is presented using step-by-step screenshots with those new to GIMP and digital arts in mind. Art and tutorial screenshots were created with GIMP version 2.10. Later versions and individual installation settings may vary slightly in presentation.

GIMP is FREE!  Download the current version of GIMP here: www.gimp.org




Links and Youtube playlist curated for additional education and inspirations





Isolation Art Camp was designed to make previously-live workshops and lessons available to those who are/were at home in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic


This Isolation Art Camp project is FREE to download,
thanks in part to support from:

Arts Matter Online   &   Penticton & District Community Arts Council


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